Cuentos hispanicos 2/Short Spanish stories 2 (Español-Ingles)


Beschikbaar via nabestelling

Este segundo volumen de relatos cortos contiene mas material variado y estimulante del mundo de  habla hispana. Una vez mas la mayoría de los autores provienen de Hispanoamérica: Carlos Fuenteses mejicano, Norberto Fuentes cubano y los demas tienen sus raíces en Uruguay, Chile, Perú, Colombia y Argentina. Sólo Ana María Matute es natural de España.


This second volume of short stories contains more diverse and lively writing from the Spanish-speaking world. Again much of it is from Latin America, Carlos Fuentes being Mexican, Norberto Fuentes Cuban, and the other writers having their roots in Uruguay, Chile, Peru, Colombia and the Argentine. Only Ana Maria Matute is a native of Spain. This highly entertaining selection of stories, together with a chapter from Mario Vargas Llosa’s novel ‘Conversation in the Cathedral’, explores stylistic contrasts and gives an insight into the cultural and social milieu of the Spanish-speaking world. With notes on unusual Spanish words and phrases, it will be of great value to English students of the language as well as a helpful companion to Spanish-speaking students of English.


Ana María Matute, Carlos Fuentes, Gabriel García Marquez, Jorge Edwards, Jorge Onetti, Julio Cortázar, Mario Vargas Llosa, Norberto Fuentes





Beschikbaar via nabestelling

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